Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cheap Shots II

Oh Ann Arbor Area Crappy Camera Club, how we miss thee! After all, it was you in such a short time that turned our curiosity of plastic cameras into a much enjoyed hobby.

We are thrilled to have our two images above in the Cheapshots II: Recycled & Reloaded Exhibition.

This was a really neat idea for an exhibition. Find a camera (crappy, of course) at a local thrift store, take some photos (film, of course), and then find a recycled frame to showcase your best shots. Both of the above photos were taken with a camera that hardly broke the bank. At 40 cents, the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim was a true bargain. It continues to be one of our favorite "go-to" cameras.

Happy shooting & Happy New Year! :)

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