Saturday, March 5, 2011

Break in the Action


I know I have alluded to some big changes underway for pm and me. Well that time has come and gone. We now have a whole new set of changes ahead.

We moved. We moved into a place that we can finally call home.

The past month our lives have consisted of packing up all of our belongings from a very small apartment to prepare for our big move into home ownership. We've now been in our new digs for about 2 weeks and are absolutely loving it. It is so nice to come home to place that it yours. I already feel so much more inclined to keep the place looking nice and neat. (This feat has been nearly impossible, though, as we are still organizing boxes and getting settled).

We were offline for nearly 3 weeks. Hence, I was not able to write. And, I have missed it. This space gives me the platform to collect my thoughts and sometimes regain my sanity. I guess not only have I not been able to write for the lack on internets :), but I also haven't had the time to sit back and relax yet.

Our new couch arrived last night, so now I am going to be able to kick back and relax. Finally.

My brain is already spinning on projects I want to do around the house. pm and I painted our bathroom last weekend and are trying to decide on colors for some of the other spaces. We will do everything step by step--no need to rush.

So, there you have it. Our big news and the main reason why we have been so MIA. As we are getting settled and comfortable in our new place, we plan to post updates on all the little projects we take on. We've got plans for build-ins, design/craft projects and optimizing our space through storage & select furniture.

Glad to back. Updates will begin on a more frequent basis again, no worries.

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