Tuesday, April 19, 2011

stop. in. action.


The last month has been a series of green lights followed immediately by red lights, with little to no time to even see the yellow to pause. Fact is: I need some yellow lights. Time to decompress, relax and reclaim some balance.

We've been busy with getting settled--something that I did not think would be so time consuming or long-lasting. While I would say we are settled, we still have a little ways to go until our house becomes a home. More paint is needed on the walls, more furniture to fill the voids and most importantly, art to be hung on the walls. It is killing me to have all of our artwork fanned along the floor, waiting for the correct place to be identified before mounting.

Aside from settling, we've been graced by the presence of oversea visits. It has been a real treat to finally have the space to accommodate the family that lives so far away. It's also been fun to host and show off our new digs. [Perhaps the best part of entertaining is that you don't need any excuses to bake. I wish I had a photo of all the cakes/breads I have made in the last 5 weeks. I've been on a roll...]

Back to yellow. It's been a bit lately like being stuck at the intersection, wanting to cross and waiting for the changing of the lights. Will the lights now change because you there isn't enough weight to recognize you there? Did you arrive just as they changed, forcing you to have to wait until you're granted passage again? Or, what?

It so for this reason that I need to make a pledge. A pledge not to anyone but myself and my own creative endeavors and capacities. So here goes it:
  1. I will make time to do something creative, even if it is only for 15 minutes every day.
  2. I will commit (in addition to #1) to devote time for myself every day.
  3. I will not stress out about the things that I cannot control and cannot change.
  4. I will reread this list to remind myself of my pledge.
This is going to be a bit of a challenge, but I am going to do it. Wish me luck, thoughts, tips, etc.

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