Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Red: The Color of Summer

It's not to say I've always wanted to be in Spain during "La Tomatina", but if the day ever presents itself I don't know that I would say no. To that end, I would feel a little guilty about throwing around tomatoes, and essentially wasting them. Sad because I am sure most of the tomatoes being throw aren't the flavorless, often mealy tomatoes that crowd our produce aisles stateside. These are most likely the tomatoes that make such a sweet, rich gazpacho -- my favorite summer treat from Spain aside from Cruzcampo.

Tomatoes always remind me of summer. I look forward to when the day finally comes that we actually have a yard and can have a small garden. Until then, our herb and flower garden on the balcony will suffice, as will weekly trip to the Farmer's Market to buy fresh, ripe heirlooms.

This past week our kitchen has been overrun with tomatoes. Last weekend we made a huge batch of salmorejo (the Sevillano version of gazpacho, which includes bread). We are still eating it, and it makes for a very filling and nutritious meal. During the week we've been preparing to make some homemade tomato sauce. This way we can have a jar of summer in the cold days of winter. Once it's complete, I will be sure to post some photos and if it turns out, we'll include the recipe as well.

I don't often associate periods of time with colors (or with vegetables, okay technically fruits), but this week has been nothing short of red, red and red.

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