Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Car talk (with ampm)

Edsel, originally uploaded by Pangie.

I will get better about updating this blog. I will get better about updating this blog.

We've been thinking about a lot of new craft projects in the last few weeks; we've also had high hopes of completing some of our more current projects. I'd blame complications on the sewing machine and other shortages of supplies, but the true excuse is that we've been busy enjoying the sunshine. Hope you have been too!

Thought it's about time I wrote about something relating to the auto industry. We certainly read about the perils of the industry on a daily basis. Now it's time to look at it from a different lens - though the eye of the photographer.

I am not fascinated with cars. In fact, I can't recognize most cars by their brand. (Unless of course it happens to be something that I once drove ... tear for the Civic). Instead, I find it easiest to refer to cars by their color and their size. Rather than referring to a car by its name - '02 Toyota Camry - it may just as well be that blue average sized car to me. Anyway, I digress. For as much as I don't really seem to care about cars, I really do enjoy the photographic qualities that older cars offer my imagination. [Note: I do also appreciate cars for their ability to get me from Point A to Point B, even if I dream of the day when my life does not depend upon or require a vehicle.]

Cars seemed to be such much more intricately designed and manufacturing back in the day when the automotive industry was booming. The headlights, front end and overall detail of most older models always seem to attract my attention. Cars truly were an art form.

These photos, while of different models, are composed in a similar fashion. The Edsel was taken with a 35mm camera, hand developed and hand painted in 2005. The Plymouth Valiant was taken with a Holga and scanned at home just last week. Four years have gone by, more cameras have joined the collection, and I still like how the results have come out.

Will update more frequently - hopefully with some new digs.

Rusty Plymouth

Rusty Plymouth, originally uploaded by mbpics.

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