Monday, May 4, 2009

Stick 'em up

I just have to reminisce about the sheer awesomeness of green army men. They sure are harder to find around these days, but these plastic wonders provided an ungodly amount of entertainment for my brothers and me when we were growing up. (Found @ ReUse Center in A2)

My most favourite (yes, favourite like the Brits, even though favorite is spelled correctly in American blogger!) activity involved wooden blocks, army men and marbles. We'd set up complete obstacle courses in our living room. The marbles would be the "bombs" or "shots" from the opposing armies. This game could last hours, and when my dad got involved it became even more intricate and strategically planned.

I always had this game in my 'bag of goodies' when I went to babysit, and in fact, I think it's why I got so many jobs with younger boys. The kids would often miss curfew because of this game - whoops. (Although, I think mom & dad would be happy to know that the kids (big & little) all had a good time. :P)

We're going to be doing a series of army man shots - so stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for what our photographic eyes capture. (And, yes waiting a couple weeks may be necessary, as most will be shot with film. Yea yeah!)

We got some new digs for crafting - if it would just stop being so nice outside maybe we'd be more enticed to do something new. It's come... we promise.

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