Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Empty Nest

Bird Feeder

Empty nest. Well, pm and I are many years away from this day considering we still have find our nest. This, however, is not what I wanted to talk about in my post today.

I went for a brief walk today around lunchtime. I wanted to get some fresh air and warm up after being in the a.c. most of the morning. It was a pleasant, quiet walk. Although one part of it definitely did not put me at ease.

I was approaching a sparrow and was very surprised on how close he was letting me get to him. It was when I was just feet away that I realized that it wasn't because he didn't see me, it was because he couldn't move. This poor little bird must have been taking his last few breaths.

This situation made me think about how very little we seem to actually see the animals in nature die around us of natural causes. We see flowers die, trees die, plants die with the changing of each season, but not animals. Not that they want spectators; it's not like any of us want spectators when that day comes. I just couldn't help feeling bad and sad.

That's why it is so important to live each day like it's your last. Hope that sparrow has all the bird seed and worms it could ask for now. He got me thinking deep thoughts today.

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