Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer Vacay!

Gilmore Lake

Not sure why I even have a "to-do" list if I don't even get around to doing the fun stuff on the list. Blogging is one of those fun things. It beats out cleaning, laundry and organizing.

We enjoyed some time up north Wisconsin recently. We thought we'd do something different to celebrate our three years of marriage, and since my family already had plans at a cabin - we signed right up! I wish we would have had more time. I wanted to catch something other than a pan fish (a life goal of mine) and I wanted to canoe. Oh well.... next time I guess I'll have to spend less time relaxing and more time doing.

Wait... that doesn't sound much like a vacation!

We'll be posting more photos from our recent adventures soon. This one is just to wet the palette. Makes me want to go swimming again.

[P.S. I know that pm may be kind of mad that I posted this photo from the in-store scan. I wouldn't appear quite so grainy if we scanned it en casa, which we will - just not yet. I happen to like to grainy look and feel. Plus with expired film you can never be to certain with what you'll get.]

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  1. I love the grainy look! Gorgeous!