Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The placement problem.


Big city. Small world.

I am thinking today about all the people I have crossed throughout my life's journey. I've now lived in 5 states (6 if you count my short college summer stint in Colorado) and 1 foreign delight (Spain). Throughout each of these states, I've lived in multiple cities (roughly 8 on a quick count). Just imagine all the people I have crossed paths with throughout each of these locations. At some point or another, I've probably been in the same place at the same time with at least one person that you know. crazy.

For as big as this world is, it isn't. I seem to run into familiar faces a lot. The challenge I have with running into so many familiar faces is to try to recollect from where I recognize their face. Is it from school (if so, which one?), work, clubs, friends of friends...etc.

I have a great recollection of faces. My recollection of names and attaching these faces to a point in time, unfortunately, isn't as sharp as I would like for it be. Herein lies my problem: not being able to "place" on a timeline why a face is familiar. I am calling it my placement problem.

Just last week I ran into someone on the EL on my way to work. I instantly knew I knew this person. I racked my brain--and I still am even though I know the chances I see her again are slim to none--and could not place her. I also realized quickly she did not recognize me, so I stopped staring, smiling and trying to talk.

I want for my brain to function like a camera. You take the picture and it can instantly be saved, labeled, shared, stored or erased. I wish I could have a similar system with people I meet. Until then I will have a continued placement problem.

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