Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are you talking to me?

First off -- I just had to add this clip; it inspired the naming of this photo. It's an inside joke pm and I have since it reminds us of our international wedding and all the things that got lost in translation. Fear not: If you speak just English you will understand 90% of this video. If you are Spanish, you hopefully will understand 90% too. :)

Enough of that diversion. Here's the photo, followed by my thoughts.

Are you talking to me? [Said with Spanish accent]

Time for a show of hands (maybe comments will work? :)): Who likes garden gnomes? Who doesn't? I happen to like them. That is not to say that I would buy one and decorate my outdoor spaces with it, but I do find them humorous. Every time I see one I have to smile. (And then wonder why someone bought it in the first place.) I also like to think that something is tending to or watching over the garden when I am not. For me the garden gnome is kind of like the scarecrow.

Anyway, pm does not like them. He finds them both tacky and creepy. I think it's because he has a thing with bearded men. He doesn't even believe (spoiler alert!) in Santa Claus. In fact, he feels the same way about Santa as he does about garden gnomes: creepy and tacky. Only difference, other than the plush red suite, is that Santa knows when you are sleeping, and knows when you're awake; the garden gnome does not. There has got to be something in that Spanish water.

I've been noticing a lot of garden flair lately. In part, yes, to the fact I have been making a point to notice all the flair. Chicagoans seem to like putting little artsy details in their front yards. Some past photos and examples include past post about our Pentax O-ME53 of the Wooden Totem and Red Star.

Hope this post inspires you to (a) articulate, (b) share your thoughts about garden gnomes and (c) get inspired to see garden flair on your daily walks.


  1. Oh, I love the term "garden flair:. I have a love hate relationship with gnomes. As long as I don't get too involved in their personal lives they do not damage my house. Although my two continue to invite the deer to eat my shrubbery.

  2. Garden flair is not for me... pm is correct garden gnomes are both tacky and creepy. Other garden ornamention I can live without include: "crystal balls" on pedistals, smiling frogs wearing sun glasses, silk flowers mixed in with natural greenery, and children/cherub statues. A woman in our neihborhood actually spray painted her angel statue bright metalic silver.

  3. I am weirded out by gnomes now. I had a prof in college that kinda looked like a garden gnome.