Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pentax O-ME53

I've been kind of a slacker lately and haven't wrote much on here. While the feminine part of ampm is an unusual female that doesn't like shopping, I do. I'm also a self-defined gearhead (definition #4 ;)), especially with anything camera related.

Our most recent camera gear acquisition was a Pentax O-ME53 magnifier eyecup for our Olympus e510. I found it on ebay for a price I couldn't pass up. The e510 is great, but the original eyecup sucks, especially if you wear glasses. (Which we both do). Also the magnification is nice, keeping in mind that we like to use old manual lenses and the viewfinder of an entry level camera is not best suited for manual focusing.

Despite being a different brand, the eyecup fits the e510 just fine; it may be a little tight, but in case you want to modify it, there are instructions in this dpreview forum thread.

So here are a couple pictures taken in the last two days using the OM 50mm f1.4. I have yet to test it with longer lenses, but thus far I've been getting more pictures in focus with a manual lens than ever before.

Seeley Avenue


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  1. Gorgeous! I really need to upgrade my camera!