Monday, December 20, 2010

double double

Tribune Tower

Days away from the holidays.
Looking out these windows will surely show these heavily trafficked streets.
Full of last-minute shoppers rushing from door to door to check off everyone on the list.
Holiday procrastination.

Lucky for us, we finished all of our shopping weeks ago, and for the most part have already handed off all the gifts. We did this as a way to save space; and since we don't have a tree, they can adorn their recipient's tree instead.

Michigan Ave. has been packed. Well, it is always packed, but now more than ever. We took a walk downtown on Sunday and were shoulder to shoulder with shoppers. I guess it's just a friendly (okay, not so friendly at all times) reminder that we live in a big city. We forget on our quaint northside that there is a hustling bustling downtown area.

I will apologize in advance if my posting becomes reduced to non-existent during this holiday season. We get serious about celebrating and lavishing time with family and friends. This is not to say that we will forget about our online friends and followers. We promise to be back with vengeance in the new year. :)

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