Monday, December 6, 2010


DIY snowflakes
Yes, success. Christmas shopping is complete. Almost all the gifts are wrapped and stored away. Wish we could say they were resting under the Christmas tree, but small apartment living isn't very conducive for having a tree. Instead, we've got some eucalyptus branches to give off some of that delightful 'piney' smell.

We put up some DIY snowflakes (photos to come soon) and are starting to ease our ways into the season. The snow this weekend actually makes it feel a lot more like winter is here. This is both a good and bad thing. It sure was pretty on Saturday, not so much today.

I've been dreaming of Christmas cookies, and am a little stumped as to where to begin. I know that one of these days coming up I'll get to making a few batches. If for nothing else it will keep the temperatures livable in here with having the oven on. Oh the joys of winter!

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  1. the two posts here make the phrase delicate success. Something about that is tickling my brain. a delicate success is what life feels like often. Like when things are so wonderful and you have so much to be grateful for you can't quite believe you have it all.