Saturday, December 18, 2010

saturday skillet

Our Saturday Skillet: Potato Pancakes

Proud to say that we started the day with a breakfast that I will definitely be making again -- potato pancakes. While I like pancakes, it is one breakfast food I could do without (unless there are chocolate chips in them). I also am not a huge fan of potatoes when they are mashed. It's a consistency thing, and I am a consistency person. (It's the absolute only way I could be considered a picky eater. And it doesn't count because I still do eat things that don't totally do it for me with their consistency (i.e. oatmeal, refried beans, squash...etc.)

So anyway ... I didn't think that potato pancakes would be my thing, but goodness gracious -- they are delicious. They are a combo between hash browns and pancakes--and certainly contain all the carbs you need for the day. Coupled with pure maple syrup, apple sauce and good company = an excellent start to the weekend.

We cheated and bought a box so they were not homemade, and I will have to admit I was thoroughly impressed with the flavor. Anyway, enough about pancakes. It's on to dinner now.

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