Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bike Challenge, Day 4

I know it's belated, but it's posted.

Friday's bike ride was my best yet. I upped it up a gear and was cruising. Taking a day off -- Thursday--to recoup was such a good idea. My early week soreness has gone away and I have to admit that day by day I am feeling much stronger.

As I go into the weekend, I plan to take it easy so I can be refreshed to begin it all over again on Monday. My goal is to (whenever possible) bike 4 days a week.

Here are my stats:
  • 17 miles
  • Average biking time: 43 minutes
  • No profanity.
  • One crazy man with an umbrella telling me where to cross the street. (Hello, it's a bike path!)
  • One deer sighting. (Yes, for real. I thought someone was being clever by putting a plastic lawn deer in the park, but alas, no it was real. Kind of cool, but also a little scary.)
  • ROI: $4.50

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