Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Big city, small world

Big city, small world

Note: This is not a tilt-shift (boy, it would be nice to have one of those lenses!). It's a photo of a miniature.

I guess this particular photo makes me think about how small we are in relation to everything, yet how interconnected everything is at that same time. Our existence in the universe is a mere dust spec, but our impact can be so much greater.

I am often reminded about a family trip to Italy. As we meandered through many long and narrow streets in quest for the city's "best gelato," I happened to run into an old friend from college. What are the odds that on a small street in Rome I'd run into a friend from across the big pond? Well, slim to none. Not to mention that my family and I were completed lost, my friend was not. It certainly was very pleasant surprise. Even if the gelato place had already closed for the day, it was a sweet reunion with a friend. :)

It's an experience like that which reminds me of just how small the world really is. You can live in a big city surrounded by strangers, but then venture out some given day and run into a familiar face. It's truly fascinating!

Where is the most random place you have run into someone you know?

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