Sunday, February 28, 2010

Maxwell Street Market

Is there an unwritten code that Sundays should be overcast and dreary? A day when all you want to do is sip on coffee and watch countless hours of the Olympics.

We decided to break that rhythm this Sunday (minus the coffee drinking, of course!). We wandered down to the Maxwell Street Market. Having both had plenty of experiences with the mercadillos of Spain, we thought we'd have this one pegged. One big difference: The Spanish spoken at this market does not resemble the Spanish of Spain, even if the bargains and merchandise do.

Steal of a deal

We had hoped there would be more fruits and foods, but instead it seemed like it was the week of socks, used tools, perfumes and knock-offs. (Sad to say, it appeared that a handful of items on sale - including car tires, camera lenses, and other gadgets - were either found during dumpster dives or involuntary giving.) It was an experience - a nice step out into something different. We did, however, enjoy the food. The gorditas, chicharrones and churros were delicious. (From strictly the AM perspective, I prefer Mexican churros - sweeter and easier to eat! Yum!).

All in all, it was a nice diversion to what could have been a very lazy and mundane winter Sunday.

What fun diversions to you enjoy on the weekend?

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