Friday, February 19, 2010

i < 3 hearts

I love how sometimes the most mudane things can make such nice photos. This stained glass heart has probably been attached to this window for years, and it wasn't until a recent visit that we were inspired by its charm.

And, yes, having it being a bright, sunny day and watching the red reflection bounce off the walls certainly did help catch our eye.

i <3 hearts

With Valentine's Day now under our belts, we'd like to reflect on some of the things we love:
<3 Morning espresso, freshly ground
<3 Walks, both urban and rural
<3 Sweets! (Especially those made from home, like our citris cookies... mmm!)
<3 Lazy Sunday afternoons
<3 Red wine (from the homelands...Spain)
<3 Snail mail & homemade cards

Oh, and how the list continues.

What are some of your loves?

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