Monday, March 1, 2010

Home away from home

Tonight it's a tribute to the homelands. Paella, serrano ham, olives, and red wine. These are only a small sampling of the many things we *love about Spain. The only thing that could be better than eating them here would be to be enjoying them with friends and family as they celebrate (well now celebrated) the day of Andalucía.

Seville Cathedral

Southern Spain, much like many other places in the south, beats to a different beat and has its own flavor. People enjoy life to the fullest - the streets are always bustling with residents and tourists. Its rich heritage (and cuisine) keep people there (not to mention its balmy temperatures in the summer and temperate temps in the winter) and keep tourists coming back from more.

La tierra de amor. At least that's where the story of am. & pm. all began. Somewhere on a winding cobble stone road in the heart of Sevilla.

So tonight we raise our glasses to you, Sevilla. Salud!

(* Here a secret steal on some excellent Spanish wine: Estola Reserva. It's the tempranillo we always keep stocked in our wine rack. You can find it at Trader Joe's for under $7. A bargain well worth it. Click here for a review from albinnyc who is drinking her way through wines at Trader Joe's one glass at a time. We'll be bookmarking this site! :))


  1. Thanks for the plug! I hope you had a great tribute dinner!!


    Anna B

  2. Veo que celebrasteis el dia de Andalucia con buen vino y buena paella, me alegro mucho. Besos.