Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back flips, blues & beer on Beale St.

Beale St.

This photo say it all. And, in case you missed the title of this post, so does that.

You want to get a glimpse of what happens on Beale St. in Memphis - here it is. While we may not have had the weather on our side this day, but there certainly were plenty of people walking up and down this street. We planned our visit to Memphis on the same weekend as the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship, so, yes there were crowds. Most of our time in Memphis consisted of crowds. We couldn't see the Peabody Marching Ducks because of the crowds, and we had to wait more than an hour for ribs at Charles Vergos' Rendezvous. All in all, all the waiting was well worth it. In fact, we are still recovering from BBQ overload.

But anyway, back to the picture. I was intrigued with all the old ads painted on the buildings. (You'll see more posted to our Flickr stream in the weeks to come, no worries.) Beale St. seems to have a sensory overload of ads, whether they are painted on the building facades or right at your fingertips in the form of beer vendors. It is impossible to walk more than 10 feet without encountering a "Big Ass Beer" cart on this street. No better place than here for a street crew to come in and do back flips for change. (By change I mean $$.) Entertainment at its best - performers, beer, and charm.

Memphis was an interested city. A city that seems to be undergoing a lot of change, or at least somewhat in need of it. Don't know where else you can go for back flips, blues or beer? It's gotta be here!

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