Thursday, April 15, 2010

Superstitious in the South

While the photo may not be of the best quality, the underlying message, in my mind, is nothing but quality.

14th floor, really 13th floor...

Please do correct me if I am wrong, but is omitting the 13th floor because of superstition just a southern thing? I do not believe I have ever noticed this missing floor here in the Midwest. Apparently this is a very common act in the south. The #13 is the same as a black cat crossing your path, walking under a ladder, or breaking a mirror.

I find it quite humorous. After all, if you are on the 14th floor, in retrospect you are really on the 13th floor. What difference does it make? It is just a number. I am not convinced the omission of a floor would give the worrisome any peace of mind. It must.

While I may not believe in superstition, I am careful not to jinx things. For example, if I am flying Northwest, I refuse to refer to them as "northworst" until after I have landed safely (and on time!) at my destination. The times when I have not done this the flights have been delayed, postponed or unreasonable uncomfortable. Anyway, that's just me.

I'd be curious what little "cautions" others swear by. Thoughts? Stories? This photo definitely sparked an interesting conversation for us.


  1. To be honest with you I've never seen a 13th floor. In MD, there's never a 13th floor anywhere and yes its because of the superstition :) silly but true-its not something we really think about its just not done!

  2. I'm pretty certain it's a superstition held around the world. When I was a kid, I watched Nightmare on the 13th Floor with my grandparents.

    In my memory, it's the most frightening movie I've ever seen (although my rational mind is certain that it's probably terrible)

  3. I am beginning to think all this time I thought there was a 13th floor in every building. I am going to be sure to check elevators more carefully from now on.

    Brigitte: That movie does sound frightening! :)