Tuesday, April 27, 2010

design on a dollar

Welcome to our living room and to my corner of the sofa. It's from here that I do a lot of my writing, brainstorming, and relaxing. Now that I have shared that, I just had to share one of our recent digs (a la home decor variety).

For the most part and admittedly against all stereotypes of the female gender, I do not enjoy shopping. While there are plenty of things that I want, I can almost always come up with a reason as to why I do not need to buy them. It is because of this that I often prefer to avoid shopping all together. My name should be featured in the definition of buyers' remorse, as I often have it before I even step foot into a store.

However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. I love thrifting and knowing that I got a great deal. I also enjoy shopping for other people and for homewares. (By homewares I mostly mean nic-nacs and design pieces). I also enjoy shoe shopping - even if it just means I try them on.

Now this is where the photo of our living room and my love for (1) good deals and (2) homewares come into play. Those snazzy pillowcases you see are a new addition to the room. In our monthly sweep through of the Crate and Barrel Outlet last week I found these gems. I have been determined to find pillowcases for some time now and was ecstatic when I stumbled upon these and their 98% off price tag. (Yes, I said 98%. Normally priced at nearly $100, I got these for $1 each. Talk about thrifty!).

For as much as PM (and certainly other men) loves The Big Lebowski (there goes another stereotype), I'd have to say these pillowcases are to me what the Dude's rug was for him. They really tie the room together.

That is my edition of design on a dollar. How do you think we did?

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