Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the blues.

Memphis Blues

This photo has some real sentimental pull for me. First off, this was one of the few times I can remember not being afraid of what others were going to think of me when I took this shot. I got right up to the table and to the hostesses to get this shot. I felt like it was the "must take" shot for Beale Street on Memphis. I thought it was a very interesting way of reusing / up-cycling the neck of a guitar.

The real sentimental value in this photo though are the words. BLUES. I recently made a trip to the Twin Cities to visit family. While my grandfather has been gone for a little over a year, I always feel like I am waiting for him to sit down in his chair, pull out his atlas and start talking. He had all sorts of "grandpaisms," and I have to chuckle now when I find myself using some of his phrases. One of the many we were guaranteed to hear on any given visit was "You got the blues." He said it with such a sing-song manner, if you had the blues you couldn't help but to smile. Hence, when I saw this photo, I was reminded of him.

It's a great photo for the week because rainy, overcast weather seems to give so many of us the blues. It sure is amazing just how much a little sunshine can lighten the mood. I hope we will see some of that before the week's end.

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