Monday, May 10, 2010


Mishmash: A confused collection or mixture; hotchpotch

Double exposures are kind of my thing. Ever since I first laid hands on the Holga, I was absolutely enchanted with the possibility of exposing two images on the same negative. If I had to stick to one "body of work", well, double exposures would be it. Couple that with expired film and I've got myself a unique niche - don't you think?

CTA xpro

I really like how this particular photo turned out. On first blush it's hard to tell what it is and where it's from. Once to look closer and turn the image around from side to side it gets easier. (I promise!). Personally what I like best about this photo is that I do not remember turning the camera the other way for the second overlapping image. I *really like this effect though.

I am anxious to take the holga out again this summer during one of our (while still unplanned) camping trips. The holga is one of the most utilitarian cameras we own. It can withstand water, steam, overheating, spills, drops... you name it... and it still works wonders. I really want to go to the Sleepy Bear Dunes in Michigan. A place that was always on our "to-do" list when we lived there and just never got done. Can anyone else relate to the "to-do" list items that never happen. I am going to strive to start making them happen. Proud to say this blog is one of them, and I think we are doing pretty gosh darn well so far this year.

Anyway, I feel as though I need to apologize for the past week of posts. My mind, like the title of this post, has been mishmash lately. This photo seems to say better than words. I find my searching for answers when not all the pieces and details are yet in place.

On a side "Beer" note: We tried the Sam Adams new IPA - Latitute 48 - this weekend and it was good. I am anxious to brew again, but just haven't had the energy to bottle up our white tea ale. It will happen this week, because that is going to be a fabulous summer beer to drink around the campfire.

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