Friday, May 21, 2010


Some of my best thinking comes from sitting in front of water. I enjoy listening to the movement of water - the waves crashing up against the shore, boats rocking back and forth in the water... It was nice to enjoy the lake this week.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the many natural (and man-made) disasters that are occurring simultaneously right now. We can't seem to listen to the news without hearing more about the BP oil spill and the effects it will have on the environment and fishing industries. While the photos certainly help paint the complete story of the repercussions ahead, it bothers me that some of the other natural disasters that have recently happened have stayed off the national airwaves.

Aside from the oil spill, there have been deadly tornadoes in Oklahoma and the severe flooding in Tennessee. I wonder why we haven't heard more about these events? Is it because there aren't as politically charged as the oil spill?

I recently came across this YouTube video of the floods in Nashville. It really caught my attention because (a) it brings up a very valid point: there is no violence or looting happening right now because of the flood and (b) it truly is newsworthy: people have lost their homes and there is a need for rebuilding and recovery efforts.

I often wonder if, to some extent, the natural disasters of the world are human induced. Oh well. I realize I could write a whole lot more on this topic, but instead I'll leave it how it is. It's just some food for thought for the weekend. Off to ponder some more...

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