Friday, May 14, 2010


Remember the days in grade school when we'd have "disaster" drills? I remember having fire drills frequently as well as tornado drills. I always found the drills where we had to stay inside and go to the lowest floor to be the most frightening. Nothing like cramming kids ages 4 - 11 in a small gymnasium and instructing them to put their head between their knees.

Needless to say, after seeing this fallout shelter on an evening stroll I thought of yesteryears.


I would imagine that kids still have to do drills, but I often wonder if they have to do drills for more than just natural disasters these days. It's amazing how much everything can change in just a couple of decades.

I can remember life without computers, cell phones, CDs and video games. And, to be honest, life was much simpler in those days. Kids played outside, got dirty and came home when mom yelled for dinner. Oh, the good old days. I wonder if young kids today actually believe a tornado drill to be the real thing? I always thought they were and would anxiously scan the room for my younger brother.

Oh well. Anyone have any good "drill" stories? :)

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