Friday, May 28, 2010

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Two dog's life

I want to make this photo into a postcard set. These two dalmatians remind me of an old couple driving together. Don't ask me why; although, it may have something to do with their facial expressions.

This photo was taken right outside of Franklin, TN. I wish I could remember the name of the park, but when it comes to me I will link to it. We were taking a walk in this park after exploring downtown Nashville all day. As pm and I are walking to the trail head we see these two dogs. Well, allow for me to rephrase - we hear these two dogs. They were barking super loud; it was so loud, in fact, that you could hear them through the closed windows. I think they were making so much noise because their owner had decided to drive with them to the park only to leave them in the humid vehicle until he/she returned. Torture! [Side note: Why even own animals if this is how you are going to treat them. Dogs get excited about going for walks. Leaving them in the parking lot while you enjoy nature hardly seems fair. It'd be like going to an ice cream parlor and not ordering anything, but then having to watch everyone else enjoy it in front of you.]

This photo was snapped in a moment of silence. Once pm took out the camera and pointed it at them they stopped barking. They must have been curious as to what was going on, or wanted to be sure they made the perfect pose. (Which they did!). Once the shutter closed the barking continued.

Hope you enjoy this one. I also hope I was wrong about their owner and these two guys got their walk in too.

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