Friday, May 7, 2010

Hot Stuff.

3.7 ml. Tabasco

Oh yeah. Hot stuff. This is a perfect picture to capture the essence of my week. In part because I burned myself while cooking (a delicious tuna steak with mango/pineapple salsa), and for other random miscellaneous reasons.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of Tabasco sauce. I will admit that it does help add an extra kick to some dishes, but I prefer Ann Arbor's Clancy's Fancy. It has a much more full taste. We're starting to realize it's good on just about anything. (Ok, not everything -- but a lot!).

This little bottle reminds me of my sisters. For a short while when they were younger they were obsessed with 'little things.' Maybe it was because smaller meant it was doll-size. Anyway, I remember running into little Tabasco bottles before, and very specifically remember their reactions. Oh to be young again and to get so much delight from simple little things.

This mini Tabasco sauce was a giveaway at an expo. To be exact, it was given away at the Louisiana booth of the BIO Convention. Very creative and perhaps one of the most "useful" trinkets pm came home with the other day. It's always refreshing to see some groups at fairs/expos really think outside of the box on giveaways. You only need so many pens, candies and paper pads.

We're hoping to do some mega organizing this weekend. We are in search for a new rug too. (I must admit: Finding a new rug will be my "adult" simple delight.) Have a nice weekend!

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