Friday, March 12, 2010

Got fortune?

Got Fortune?

This little finger puppet says it all. This week has *flown* by, and it certainly has been a busy one.

It's been a week of opposites and mismatches. This week I've had to wear...
+ A fall, winter and spring coat
+ Boots and an umbrella
+ Heels and tennis shoes
+ Suits and scrubs

Anyway - not that all of that matters - it's been a week of many twists and turns. Time to put my hands in the air and say "we've made it to the weekend." [This is what this little finger puppet is saying to me in this photo.]

In fact, my inspiration this week is the finger puppet. We received a comment on this photo that directed us to a group on Flickr dedicated to finger puppets. I've got to say, it was fun to look through the creative ways other people have photographed finger puppets. Plus, who would have thunk there'd be a group for that? (Actually, I am a firm believer that there is a group for everything.)

I have often wanted to do a whole series of photographs with this little guy. The series would most definitely be called a day in the life of a finger puppet. He'd do all the things we all do. Sleep, eat, shower, drink, dance, watch tv, read...etc. I think I may just have to get our one finger puppet another buddy. It's an easy choice on where to pick one of those up -- The Peaceable Kingdom (in Ann Arbor). This store has all sorts of fun little knick knacks - a great place for party favors.

Well... back to a few more twists and turns before we turn in for the weekend. Hooray!

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