Friday, March 26, 2010

walk away.

walk away.

I've got to say, I really like this photo. We got a couple of these little figurines at Urban Outfitters a couple of weeks ago. We thought we could think of some fun things to do with them, and we did. There will be more photos of these to come. If not here, then on our flickr page.

To me it seems like this little guy is walking away from something, even if doesn't want to. Story of all our lives at some point or another. There are time when we must walk away and continue on the journey.

This photo reminds me of a Ben Harper song, Walk Away. (You can listen to part of it here.)
So many people to love in my life, Why do I worry about one?/
But you put the happy in my ness, you put the good times into my fun./
And it's so hard to do, and so easy to say./
But sometimes - sometimes./
You just have to walk away - walk away and head for the door.

Well, that's all for today. Enjoy the weekend and springtime!

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