Wednesday, March 10, 2010

red on red

We've got a birthday coming up here, which means my apron, rolling stick, and whisker are out and feverishly working. This year I'll be making one the classics ... strawberry rhubard pie. Lucky for me this happens to be one of my favorite desserts.

This was one of the pies my mom made a lot. (She, like me, got her recipe from the Joy of Cooking.) I remember as a kid going into my grandfather's garden (sometimes with my mom and most often with my brothers) to pick rhubarb during the summer. My grandfather tended to let his rhubarb plants go wild, so in many cases the plant was as tall as me. It always amazed me that such a tart taste could make such a delicious pie when coupled with strawberries.

red on red

I thought I'd capture the wonderful, and very red colors of the strawberries and rhubard. I'll be sure to post another photo of the finished product - that is, if it merits one. :)

I find it extremely appropriate that Julie and Julia is on its way to our apartment as we speak. Nothing like watching a movie about good home cooking when enjoying your own delights, especially when it's all being done to celebrate another year. Yum!

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