Monday, March 8, 2010

origami birds

origami birds

It is amazing to me how sometimes such little things can have such a big impact.

I am sitting in a bustling coffee shop enjoying my americano almost as much as I am enjoying new customers swing into the room through a revolving door. The cold air continually brushes against my back. I am watching the baristas dance around the narrow space by the machines trying to keep up with all the orders coming in. Everywhere I look the room is humming with movement.

Everywhere. Everywhere except for these two little origami birds. There they sit, neatly perched on top of one of the machines. I find this truly fascinating. They are so small, so simple.

I may just have to place a few of these birds around the apartment one of these days. (Here's a link on how to make them.) It may help me remember the simple things more often. Happy Monday everyone! :)

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