Thursday, March 18, 2010


The reminiscing about Ireland has got me thinking about some of my other European adventures. The more I think about each of those, the more I think about Spain. (I also find it much easier to think about Spain when the temperatures rise above freezing, people crowd the streets, and birds sing from dawn until dusk.)

This photo is taken in route to the Catedral in Sevilla with our super sampler camera. When I first was in Sevilla as a student this area of the city was not strictly reserved for pedestrians and the metra; in fact, I am certain thousands of cars whizzed by this historical masterpiece on a daily basis. The wear and tear of our modern life was beginning to show adverse effects on the structure of the cathedral - among them: graffiti tags along the exterior and pollution damage to the outer structure. Needless to say, and as you can see in this photo, restoration has since been completed. I love walking around this area. Now instead of having to time the shot perfectly around traffic, the only thing getting in our way are people. It could be worse. :)

[I've got to say, it always amazing me how buildings with such strong historical significance continue to "exist" in our modern society. The U.S. is more recognized for our natural wonders, so there isn't as much of a chance to pass such a historical treasure on our way to the grocery store, bar, gym, or on an afternoon stroll. I always miss this when I am here and not there. *sigh. Although on that same token, I guess the people that do live so close to these historic gems often forget it. Can you imagine living across from the Colosseum or Aqueducts and having it be "normal'?? ]

If you could choose one wonder (be in natural or not) to see on a daily basis, what would it be?

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