Thursday, June 17, 2010

30 Days of Creativity - Day 17: I Heart Beer

I heart beer. There I said it. Perhaps it has to do with the fact I grew up in the beer capital of the States. Yep, I said it again. Milwaukee is, and will forever be, the beer capital of the world. Don't hate me. I speak the truth. (Although I may admit, I am biased).

beer (1 of 1)

Back to our love of beer. Part of the reason I think I like is so much is because we make our own. I really enjoy the process and experimenting with different recipes and ingredients. This has kind of made us - dare I say - beer snobs. And yes, we know it.

So why beer? Well ... There is no other beverage I can think of that has so much versatility. It can be light, dark, full-bodied, fruity, potent, creamy, tart...etc. You get the point. Beer can be anything you want it to be.

We are learning this more and more as we progress through our homebrews. It is through this hobby that I have really come to appreciate microbreweries. (This is not to say that I did not value their products before.) I have learned that while it is not hard to make beer, it does take a true craftsperson to make a unique one. So cheers to all you homebrewers out there.

(I should also say that I am going to continue to experiment with homemade "print-making." It's been a fun ride thus far. Now we just need to sharpen our exacto knife blades!)

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  1. you might try photo emulsion for your printmaking, it sounds like something up your alley! BTW there is a new Michaels opening up right down the street from me! Finally!